The Visual Design Group (VDG) has been operating for 28 years. Working in Innovation, Strategy, Marketing, Advertising, Communications, Public Relations, Branding, Graphic Design, Social Media and Change Management. Across Government, Business, Academia and Not-for-Profit with small, medium and large organisations. Working across most sectors from Australia’s largest companies to small businesses.


I have worked for Federal, State and Local Government, Defence, Universities, TAFE, Schools, Heavy and Light Industry, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Banking, Wholesale, Retail, Information Technology, Real Estate, Service Industries, Tourism and Media: TV, Radio and Press sectors.


Working across all media: TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor and Social Media (specialist in Facebook).


Along the way, I have achieved many National and State sales records including 28 International and National Awards many based on performance outcomes.


VDG does a lot of charity work giving back to the community.


In future posts, I will share some lessons I have learned along the way and other points of interest that can be of benefit to people in their various endeavours. And many fun posts as well.


Here to help.


Wayne Larkin

Managing and Creative Director

Visual Design Group


A Better Future by Design


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